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Disaster Recovery

In the days and weeks following a weather-related disaster, the process of picking up the pieces may seem overwhelming and altogether confusing. Some common questions you may ask are – Where do I go for help? How do I file a claim? What’s covered in my policy? How can I protect myself from a home repair scam? Rest assured we have the answers to these and many other questions. We urge you to use this resource page as a road map through the recovery process that is ahead of you. Still have questions? Call us at 1-877-881-6388 or email us at

After the Storm Hits:

Filing Your Claim:

Flood Insurance:

Other Resources: 

Pennsylvania Insurance Department Online Complaint Form

Crop Insurance:

  • If you participate in a federally-sponsored crop insurance plan, you must notify an agent within 72 hours of discovery of crop damage.
  • All residue and crop damage should be left intact until insurance agents can properly assess extent of damage.
  • Individuals should contact Karen Powell at 717-705-9511 or their crop insurance agent with crop insurance questions.
  • Contact the Department of Agriculture at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Agriculture desk at 717-651-2062.

Archived Information:

  • September 2011’s historic flooding in the Susquehanna River Basin destroyed over 400 homes, displaced more than 200,000 residents, including the Governor, and claimed the lives of a dozen Pennsylvanians. The Insurance Department was among the first state agencies alerted to help those in need. The success of our efforts was highlighted in a disaster response video that was produced by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.