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Health Insurance for Young Adults

At this point in your life, you may still receive your health insurance coverage through your parents’ plan. The Affordable Care Act allows you to stay on this plan as a dependent until you are 26.

In Pennsylvania, if a parent receives coverage through a PA-based employer, you may be able to stay on until you’re 29.  Under Act 4 of 2009 (40 P.S. 752.1) group insurers may choose to offer coverage to their employees' young adult children at the employee's cost.  The young adult must: not be married, not have any dependents, be a resident or enrolled as a full-time student in college, and not be covered by another policy or Medicaid.

It is important that you understand your health insurance options early so that you’re ready to make a decision when the time comes. Even though you may be able to stay on your parents’ plan, it might not be the best choice for your health and your needs. If you move to a new city or state, you might find yourself beyond your plan’s provider network, which can lead to additional costs if you seek care.

Make sure you fully research care options in your area when deciding to maintain or change your health insurance coverage. If you decide to stay on a parent’s plan, you may find that it is more expensive for them to keep you covered as a dependent than it would be for you to obtain your own plan, or if you move out, their provider network does not extend to the area in which you reside. In cases such as those, obtaining coverage through an employer or purchasing your own plan might be your best option.

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