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Before You Apply

Initial Resident Insurance Producer Licensing Process - Before you can apply for a resident insurance producer license there are certain pre-licensing education and exam requirements you will need to complete.  Pre-licensing education and exam information can be found in the Initial Insurance Resident Producer Licensing Process Instructions.  These instructions are for individuals applying for a new insurance producer license-NOT individuals adding a line of authority to an existing producer license. 

Resident insurance producers are required to complete 24 hours of pre-licensing education courses, which includes a minimum of 3 hours of ethics.  A listing of approved courses can be obtained at Sircon. The primary purpose of pre-licensing education is to provide an overview of the insurance marketplace.  It is not intended to help you prepare for the exam. 

After you have completed your pre-licensing education requirements, you may take your exam.    

Some candidates may be exempt from the pre-licensing education and examination requirement, depending on the type of professional designation held and/or the line of authority desired. The following classes of applicants are  exempt from pre-licensing and written examination requirements:

  • A business entity
  • A candidate who possesses the Professional Designation CLU-Chartered Life Underwriter applying for Life or Accident and Health Line
  • A candidate who has the Professional Designation CPCU-Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter applying for Property, Casualty or Accident and Health Line of Authority
  • A candidate who has the Professional Designation CIC-Certified Insurance Counselor applying for Life, Accident and Health or Property and Casualty Line of Authority
  • A person who is licensed in another state as a resident Insurance Producer for the same lines of authority for which the person desires to be licensed in Pennsylvania
  • A person who has a line of authority limited to Limited Line Credit Insurance
  • A person who has a line of authority limited to a Limited Line
  • An individual whose line of authority will be restricted to domestic mutual fire insurance and will be with a company writing only coverage other than insurance upon automobiles as authorized by Section 202(B)(1) through (3) of the Act of May 17, 1921, known as the Insurance Company Law of 1921
  • An individual whose line of authority as an Insurance Producer will be restricted Fraternal pursuant to Section 609 of the Act of December 14, 1992, known as the Fraternal Benefit Societies Code

After you pass your exam, you are ready to finish the application process.