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Villanova Insurance Company

For more information on Liquidations and Rehabilitations, click here.

General Information:

Villanova Insurance Company was ordered liquidated by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court due to financial insolvency. Legion Insurance Company and Villanova Insurance Company are affiliated companies that went into liquidation on the same day. Villanova court filings may be found on Legion's website. Click here for Villanova Liquidation Information on Legion's Web site.

Date of Rehabilitation: April 1, 2002
Date of Liquidation: July 28, 2003
Claims Filing Deadline: June 30, 2005
State(s) Where Licensed: All 50 States with the exception of: KS, MI, NH, UT, MS
Type of Business Sold:

Worker's compensation, professional and general liability, accident and health and other miscellaneous coverages

Policy Cancellation: All policies were cancelled no later than 30 days from the date of liquidation.
Claims: Depending on the nature of your claim and Villanova's license status in your state, you may be
entitled to the protection of your state guaranty association. Fur further information regarding a specific
claim, click below to email a status request, or call (215) 979-7879
Claim Status:To inquire about the status of a claim: