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Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to


J. Catherine Newton Agency (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/06

J.W. Hoban & Associates, Inc. (Wilkes-Barre, PA) 4/06

Jackson, Aqueelah N. (Philadelphia, PA) 6/10
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Jackson, Jeffrey (Easton, PA) 1/12
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Jackson, Thomas W., Jr. (Rockledge, PA) 1/10
5-yr license suspension for failing to disclose criminal history on license renewal application. 

Jacobs, Frank G. (Middletown, PA) 8/04

James & Son, Inc.(Havertown, PA) 4/06

James & Son, Inc. (Havertown, PA) 9/04

James E. Christman & Son (Pottstown, PA) 11/04

James, Jeremiah M. (Harrisburg, PA) 8/05

James, Thomas R. (Mount Union, PA) 4/06

Jaquez, Ann Marie (Wilkes-Barre, PA) 6/14
License revocation; timely compliance with all conditions of sentencing, including payments of any monies and restitution – Jaquez failed to report criminal proceedings to the Department. 

Jefferson National Life Insurance Company (Carmel, IN) 10/09
$5,000 penalty and payment of $117,535.84 in restitution or accepting false documents from an insurance producer who, in turn, misappropriated money from policyholders. 

Jehoich, Joseph B. (Virginia Beach, VA) 1/08
Failure to report two felony arrests and convictions; license revocation. 

Jenkins, William W. (Honesdale, PA) 7/10
License revocation and 5-yr license supervision – Jenkins failed to report a guilty plea to theft by unlawful taking of movable property. 

Jermyn, James E. (York, PA) 8/10
5-yr future license supervision and full compliance with the PA Department of Revenue Deferred Payment Plan – Jermyn failed to report owing personal income taxes since 2006. 

Jessome, Joseph Todd (Sunrise, FL) 2/09
Cease and desist order and 5-yr license supervision for soliciting health insurance to Pennsylvania residents without a license to do so. 

Jewell, Raymond B. (Philadelphia, PA) 9/08
$1,000 penalty and 5-yr license supervision for misrepresenting the terms of a life insurance policy, and use of another insurance producer to sign the policy as the producer of record. 

Jimcor Associates, Inc. (Plymouth Meeting, PA) 8/04

Johns, Cynthia Leigh (Greencastle, PA) 6/12
License revocation and restitution to Penn National Ins Co as determined by the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas - Johns pled guilty to felony theft by unlawful taking in 2012, which related to misappropriating premiums. 

Johnson, Blair G. (Wayne, PA) 7/10
$15,000 penalty and 5-yr license supervision – Johnson was involved in the sale of a life policy that became the subject of an inappropriate viatication structure, which resulted in financial loss to a policyholder. 

Johnson, Brian L. (Mechanicsburg, PA) 1/06 

Johnson, David Allan (Altoona, PA) 4/06

Johnson, Hasan Byron, Sr. (Philadelphia, PA) 8/15
5-yr license supervision - Johnson Pled guilty to a  misdemeanor and felonies, which he disclosed on his insurance application.

Johnson, Kenneth J. (Williamsport, PA) 6/06

Johnson, Scott L. (Sarasota, FL) 10/09
5-yr license supervision for two felony charges that occurred in Florida in 2009.If convicted, the license will be surrendered. 

Johnson, Thomas K. (Bellefonte, PA) 7/05

Johnson-Tinsley, Oshaki (Turtle Creek, PA)2/15
Remain compliant with tax repayment agreement with PA Dept. of Revenue; 3-yr license supervision: Ms. Johnson-Tinsley was not compliant with Department of Revenue regarding taxes.

Johnson, Trevor A. (Green, NY) 2/14
3-yr license supervision – Johnson failed to disclose his criminal history on his application.

Johnson, Troy (Pittsburgh, PA)2/15
3-yr license supervision: Johnson was convicted of two misdemeanors, which he disclosed on his license application. 

Johnson-Davenport, Otis M. (Richboro, PA) 12/10
Mabstract, LLC 

Johnston, Nancy V. (Smyra, DE) 3/05

Jones, Christopher (Lakewood, CO) 3/14
5-yr supervision, $1,000 civil penalty – Jones failed to report his criminal convictions on his Pennsylvania non-resident producer license application. 

Jones, David Schneider (West Chester, PA) 5/11
Three-year license supervision – Jones was convicted of two felonies in 2006, both of which were disclosed on his producer license application. 

Jones, Bruce T (Eldersburg, MD) 12/13
3-yr license supervision, $1,000 penalty – Jones failed to report an administrative action to the department. 

Jones, Neil A. (Coraopolis, PA) 8/11
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Jones, Paul Calvin (Philadelphia, PA) 3/06

Joseph Chiarello & Company, Inc. (Hillside, NJ) 8/06

Joyce, Joseph J. Jr. (Hughestown, PA) 5/12
3-yr license supervision – Joyce provided certificates of insurance that had incorrect information regarding coverage amounts. 

Juliano, Arthur P. III (Philadelphia, PA) 8/13
License revocation – Juliano failed to notify the department of his 2011 criminal arrest. 

Juliano, Arthur P. III (Philadelphia, PA) 6/12
5-yr license supervision – Juliano failed to report a 2011 arrest for insurance fraud. 

Julius, Hensley C. Sr. (Philadelphia, PA) 2/12
License revocation – Julius was convicted in 2011 of one felony and failed to report either the arrest or conviction to the department. 

Justen, Scott A. (Toledo, OH) 3/05 


Kackloudis, John S. (Columbus, OH) 4/07

Kaighn/Stanton, Cynthia (Willow Grove, PA) 5/04 

Kaler, William R. (Altoona, PA) 7/05

Kamowski, Susan E. (Wapwallopen, PA) 8/11
License revocation – Kamowski created false documents and did not handle other insurance accounts in an appropriate manner. 

Karcher, Theresa L. (Philadelphia, PA) 12/04

Karn, Timothy L. (Fayettesville, PA) 11/07

Karns, Gary L. trading as Integrated Insurance Marketing (Akron, OH) 3/11
License surrender – Karns mailed information to consumers promoting AIM Health Plans, but failed to conduct the proper research on the validity of the entity. AIM Health Plans is not a licensed insurance entity. 

Karpinski, Albert J. (Lancaster, PA) 5/08
§1033 waiver for felony conviction; indefinite supervision of producer license. 

Kasapidis, Spiros (Reading, PA) 1/07 

Kaspar, Christopher (North Wales, PA) 6/12
License surrender – Kaspar misrepresented his identity to collect personal and confidential policyholder account information. 

KDN Lancaster Corporation (Wyommissing, PA) 5/10

Kearney, John R. (Media, PA) 2/04

Kelley, Norris E. (Pittsburgh, PA) 2/10
§1033 waiver for prior felony conviction; indefinite supervision of producer license. 

Kelley, Steven John (Denver, PA) 7/10
4-yr license revocation and $5,000 fine – Kelley failed to report a 2009 felony indictment and guilty plea. 

Kelly, Joey Heather (Lebanon, PA) 12/09
License revocation and 5-yr license supervision for failing to remit $1.7 million from 14 mortgage payoffs received for settlement. 

Kelly, Scott J. (Chalfont, PA) 1/07 

Kelly, William O. (Aliquippa, PA) 12/09
5-yr license supervision for using an improper general disclosure statement. 

Kelly, William A., Jr. (Nashville, TN) 2/14
5-yr supervision, $30,000 civil penalty – Kelley engaged in the sale of life insurance to approximately 800 individuals. 

Kempton, Gregory L. (Lutz, FL) 4/07 

Kendrick_Shawn_P. (Erie, PA) 6/04

Kendrick, Stephanie Lynn (Phillipsburg, PA) 5/15
Revocation; 5-yr future license supervision - Kendrick received premiums that she failed to remit to W.N. Tuscano Agency, Inc.

Kennedy, John E. (Feasterville, PA) 3/06

Kennedy, Kevin G. (Monongahela, PA) 8/05

Keough, Dorothy (Philadelphia, PA) 10/13
5-yr license supervision – Keough failed to comply with an Administrative Order in 2013 and her producer license was suspended.  After she complied, her license was reinstated.  

Kesselman, Joel D. (Richboro, PA) 4/11
5-yr license supervision and $5,000 fine – Kesselman owed unpaid state income tax, yet indicated he was tax compliant on his license renewal. Kesselman also failed to report a misdemeanor arrest and conviction from 2010. 

Kesselman, Joel D. (Richboro, PA) 3/10
$5,000 penalty and 5-yr license supervision for receiving excessive complaints between 1996 and 2009 for misrepresenting policy terms and conditions, for which Kesselman's employment was terminated. 

Kett, John W. (Wyndmoor, PA) 1/12
License revocation – Kett failed to remit, deposit or forward full premium payments to an insurance company. 

Khawaja, Mohsin (Upper Darby, PA) 1/13
5-yr license supervision and must report disposition of pending charges within 30 days – Khawaja failed to report misdemeanor charges to the department. 

Khawam, John D. (Washington Crossing, PA) 10/07

Kichi, Ashley Lynn (New Eagle, PA) 7/15
7-yr license supervision - Kichi was convicted of 1 misdemeanor and assessed a  monetary obligation, which she disclosed on her license application.

Kiel Insurance Brokers, Inc. (Cherry Valley, MA) 3/07

Kiel, Steven (Ware, MA) 3/07

Kimmel, Janice M. (Hollidaysburg, PA) 11/12
Kimmel previously surrendered her producer license via Consent Order in 1992; now re-issued under with 7-yr supervision. 

Kimmel, Janice; & Protection Advisors, LLC (Miami, FL) 7/14
License revocation – Kimmel fronted money and also received premium payments, yet failed to remit the money. Restitution totaling $51,425.00 has been paid.

Kinard, Keynan A. (Harrisburg, PA) 8/15
License revocation - Kinard signed the name of purported policyholders on life insurance policy applications and received commissions after chargebacks.

Kindrew, Mary E.(Moosic, PA) 1/15
License revocation; restitution required on or before 30 days after the execution of Consent Order; Future license supervision - Kindrew signed the name of the purported fictitious policyholders on 108 policy applications.

King Insurance Agency (Philadelphia, PA) 1/05

King Insurance Agency, Inc. (Reading, PA) 5/07

King, Doung Thi (Reading, PA)
and Adoniram Insurance Agency 

King, Duong T. (Reading, PA) 6/07 

King, Timothy J. (Philadelphia, PA) 1/05

Kirkland, Ronald Edward (Dacula, GA) 12/12
3-yr license supervision – Kirkland failed to notify the department of a 2009 misdemeanor plea. 

Kistler, David B. (Jacobus, PA) 10/05

Kisty, Jr., Stephen M. (Pittsburgh, PA) 12/05

Kletch, Karen Ann (Canonsburg, PA) 8/15
License revocation for a minimum of 20-yrs; $29,000 penalty; On April 30, 2015, Department alleged that the Respondent violated the Insurance Department Act as a license insurance producer by forging thirty-four (34) life insurance policy applications in order to obtain commissions.

Knauber, Ronald E. Jr. (Millersburg, PA) 12/06

Knauff Insurance, Inc. (Charlotte, NC) 9/05

Knerr, Brandon (​Pittsburgh, PA) 11/15
5-yr license supervision - Knerr was convicted of misdemeanor offenses, which he disclosed on his insurance license application. 

Knight, Ronnie (Erie, PA) 11/11
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Knowles_Robert_I_Jr. (Waverly, PA) 7/04 

Kochel, Samantha A. (Wernersville, PA) 1/13
License revocation – Kochel failed to notify the department of her 2012 felony and misdemeanor arrest or conviction. 

Kohler, Walter J. (Lansdale, PA) 10/06

Kollar, Jr., Cyril R. (Yukon, PA) 6/06

Koltoff, Jeffrey R. (Philadelphia, PA) 1/09
Surrender of all licenses and 5-yr future license supervision for a February 2008 arrest for three felony charges. 

Konycki, Michael Thomas (Dallas, PA) 7/15
3-yr license supervision - Konycki was convicted of a felony, which he disclosed on his insurance application.

Kramp, Ryan D. (Schnecksville, PA) 3/13
5-yr license supervision, must report disposition of charges – Kramp was charged with criminal conduct in 2012 and failed to report the charges to the department. 

Kratzer, Katie L. (Selinsgrove, PA) 6/14
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Krauss, Steven W. (Moscow, PA) 9/08
Surrender of Professional Bail Bondsman license and 5-yr future license supervision for failing to disclose three felony convictions in Connecticut from 1993, while indicating no criminal charges on his Pennsylvania licensing application and subsequent renewals. 

Krawchuk, Cari Ann (East Fallowfield, PA) 10/14
3-yr license supervision; $3,000 penalty – Krawchuk failed to notify the department within 30 days of being charged with Criminal Conduct.

Kreider, Michael D. (Lancaster, PA) 1/07 

Kreighbaum, John W. (Middleburg, PA) 3/06 

Kroope, Richard Alan (Bethlehem, PA) 2/10
License revocation, $24,000 civil penalty, $151,376.59 restitution and 7-yr future license supervision – failure to pay Pennsylvania state income tax for calendar years 1999 through 2006 and providing incomplete or false information on several license applications and renewals.

KT Settlement Services and Kevin Tanribilir (Berwick, PA) 6/12
5-yr license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Tanribilir allowed an individual to operate as an unlicensed title agent. 

Kuenster, Mary F. (Oak Park, IL) 1/10
License surrender for failing to report that her home state of Illinois revoked her license in 2008. 

Kuhnemund, Dennis C. (Ligonier, PA) 1/05

Kukish, Warren M. / PA Auto Insurance Outlet (Philadelphia, PA) 8/08
$5,000 penalty and 3-yr license supervision for charging undisclosed fees. 

Kullman, Richard T. (Allentown, PA) 7/09
License revocation, 5-yr future license supervision and 418,813 in restitution for converting insurance premiums from policyholders for his personal use. 

Kurlander, Mitchell (Allentown, PA) 6/13
License revocation – Kurlander pled guilty to felony criminal charges for Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud. 

Kustron, Robert A. (McMurray, PA) 8/14
License revocation; proof of restitution – Kustron mismanaged his accounts. 


L.W. Pocono Ins. Agency, LLC (East Stroudsburg, PA) 1/14
5-yr license supervision, $4,000 civil penalty- The agency used identifying information of other individuals to obtain lower premium quotes for customers. 

Labib, Alfred A. (Smithburg, MD) 8/04 

Lackawanna Casualty Company (Wilkes Barre, PA) 5/06

Lagbara, Shemstchass A. (Philadelphia, PA) 5/13
5-yr license supervision – Lagbara's license was previously suspended for failure to pay child support. 

Lake, Jamie P. (Scranton, PA) 9/09
License revocation for failing to report to the commonwealth within 30 days a guilty plea and conviction for one felony count of mail fraud.

Lamboy, Michael (Brooklyn, NY) 9/15
License revocation for a minimum of 10 years; $16,000 penalty; 5-yr future supervision - Lamboy failed to report the revocation of his producer's license by multiple other jurisdictions.

Lancaster Annuity Services Company, Inc. (Lancaster, PA) 1/04

Lancer Insurance Company (Long Beach, NY) 7/07

Landis, Jeffrey L. (Perkasie, PA) 11/04

Landrine, Valentina (Philadelphia, PA) 5/14
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Landsperger, Barry Norman (Pittsburgh, PA) 3/12
License revocation and restitution– Landsperger produced and remitted 136 fictitious insurance applications for 42 fictitious policyholders and collected over $38,000 in commissions. 

Lane, Scott E. (Whitehall, PA) 1/10
5-yr license supervision for prior felony and misdemeanor convictions. 

Lane, Scott Edward (Whitehall, PA) 8/10
6-month license revocation and 10-yr future license supervision – Lane was convicted of a felony while already under a license supervision 

Langley, Mary Lou (South Williamsport, PA) 9/12
§1033 waiver for previous felony convictions; indefinite license supervision. 

Laposh III, Joseph (Easton, PA) 10/06 

Larkin, Terrence P. Sr. (Jenkintown, PA) 12/14
5-yr supervision, $4,000 penalty – Larkin provided false information on individual annuity applications, point of sale certifications and receipt of delivery for owners and joint owners residing in New Jersey, Nebraska and Oregon. 

Laslo, Joseph S. (Noblesville, IN) 12/10
License revocation and 5-yr future license supervision – Laslo failed to report a license revocation action from Florida to Pennsylvania and Alabama. 

Laster, Samans & Levin, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) 10/07

Laster, Samans & Levin, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) 1/04

Lattari, Michael J. (Philadelphia, PA) 6/12
5-yr license supervision – Michael Lattari had a misdemeanor conviction which was disclosed on his producer application. 

Laughlin, Gerald J. (Riverton, NJ) 11/07

Laughlin, Inc. (Riverton, NJ)  11/07

Lavery, William A. (Hatboro, PA) 3/07

Lavins, Laurence J. (Philadelphia, PA) 3/09
Surrender of public adjuster license and 5-yr future license for conducting public adjuster appraisals with an unlicensed appraiser and ultimately accepting compensation from the unlicensed appraiser.

Law, Percy Edward III (Denora, PA) 7/15
License revocation; 5-yr future license supervision - Law submitted fraudulent insurance applications and forged signatures.

Lawler, Dennis (Pottstown, PA) 7/06

Lawrence, Kenneth A. (Ambler, PA) 7/12
5-yr license supervision and $7,947 restitution – Lawrence failed to remit premium. 

Lawson, Lance (Harrisburg, PA) 9/13
License surrender – Lawson failed to report criminal proceedings within 30 days. 

Leak, Edward (Philadelphia, PA) 11/05

Lease, James A.(Trafford, PA) 10/10
License revocation, restitution and 5-yr future license supervision – Lease collected, but failed to collect and remit, over $3,000 in premium from nine clients.

Lebowitz, David (Bethlehem, PA) 6/08
Criminal history; Appeal of denial of Producer License; may reapply for license 11/4/2011, 3-yr future license supervision. 

Leggett, Jeffrey D. (Johnson City, NY) 5/14
5-yr license supervision; $1,000 penalty – Legget failed to disclose his criminal history and administrative actions on his application. 

Leland-West Insurance Brokers, Inc. (Fresno, CA) 2/09
Cease and desist order and 3-yr license supervision for charging an illegal application fee to Pennsylvania consumers. 

Lempiner, Claudine R. (Douglassville, PA) 11/06 

Lempiner, Larry J. (Douglassville, PA) 11/06

Lenenberg, Sandor L. (Pittsburgh, PA) 6/09
§1033 waiver granted for prior felony conviction. 

Lennon Insurance Agency, Inc. (Hatboro, PA) 7/07 

Lennon, Thomas J.( Furlong, PA) 7/07

Leo, Edward B. (Glenmore, PA) 4/13
5-yr license supervision – Leo failed to comply with an Administrative Order in 2012 and his producer license was suspended. After he complied, his license was reinstated. 

Leparulo, Luigi (Kimberton, PA) 1/12
5-yr license supervision and Deferred Payment Plan compliance – Leparulo failed to pay state corporation taxes for multiple years and failed to disclose tax liabilities on license renewal applications. 

Lerman, Jacob (Horsham, PA) 5/12
10-yr license supervision, $6,000 restitution and $3,000 penalty – Lerman forged 17 signatures on insurance applications and misrepresented his identity to insurance company representatives. 

Lesko, Alexis A. (Frackville, PA) 2/11
License surrender and 5-yr future license supervision – Lesko misappropriated $24,520 from customer accounts while at Wachovia Bank, which resulted in a FINRA action. 

Levin, Matthew H. (Bala Cynwyd, PA) 10/07

Lewis, Chase D. (Philadelphia, PA) 4/13
3-yr license supervision; must report disposition of charges – Lewis failed to notify the department he was arrested and charged with violations of the Pennsylvania Criminal Code, Title 18.

Lewis, William Kenneth (Lower Burrell, PA) 5/15
5-yr license supervision - Lewis was convicted of 2 felonies, which he reported on his license application.

Lewison, Robert S. (Cherry, Hill, NJ) 7/05

Lexington & Concord Search & Abstract, LLC (Huntingdon Valley, PA) 7/05

Liberty Financial Services, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) 2/04

Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (New York, NY) 5/08
Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; $5,000 penalty, Cease and desist. 

Librich, Thomas F. (Glenshaw, PA) 1/12
5-yr license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Librich falsified applicant information and misrepresented surrender charges for an annuity. 

Liedtke, Paul (Ambler, PA) 10/14
5-yr license supervision; $1,000 penalty – Liedtke failed to report misdemeanor criminal charges to the department within 30 days.

Lillie, Tirrone Lee (Bensalem, PA) 2/15
1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony convictions.

Lim, Suk-Ku (Falls Church, VA) 7/07 

Linkowski, Steven J.,  Jr. (Avella, PA) 10/10
5-yr license supervision – Linkowski failed to remit personal income tax for 2005, yet submitted renewals in 2007 and 2009 indicating he was tax compliant. 

Lipka, Matthew S. (Morrisdale, PA)
3-yr license supervision for a 2005 guilty plea to one misdemeanor, and two 2006 DUI charges. 

Lititz Mutual Insurance Company (Lititz, PA)

Little, Christopher R. (Jackson, TN) 3/05 

Locey, Corinne L. (Bemus Point, NY) 8/12
3-yr license supervision – Locey failed to disclose a 2006 misdemeanor conviction on her license application. 

Lockey, Kenneth M (Hawk Run, PA) 10/04 

Lockhart, Aliah (Philadelphia, PA) 6/12
5-yr license supervision – Lockhart failed to report a 2010 arrest to the department. 

Lockhart, Tony Oscar (Philadelphia, PA) 11/11
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

Loeber, James B. (Etters, PA) 11/05

Lomax, Tanya Y. (West Chester, PA) 6/11
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

London American General Agency, Inc. (San Diego, CA) 10/06

Long, Angela M. (Manahawkin, NJ) 4/10
5-yr future license supervision: Failure to notify the department concerning a 2008 consent order from New Jersey.

Long, Scott W. (Jersey Shore, PA) 1/07

Lopez Rodriguez, Bruce (Bethlehem, PA) 9/15
3-yr license supervision - Lopez Rodriguez was charged with a misdemeanor, which he failed to disclose on his license application.  The charge was later withdrawn.

Lowa, Karl William, III (Pottstown, PA) 7/10
5-yr license supervision – Lowa failed to pay personal income tax from 1996 to present. He has entered into a Settlement Agreement with the Department of Revenue and the Attorney General's Office to become tax compliant. 

Lowe, John J. (Elterton, PA) 12/04

Lowe, Norman (Geneva, OH) 11/13
3-yr license supervision – Lowe failed to notify the department of his criminal arrest. 

Lucciotti, Robert J. 9/05

Lundy, Rachel D. (Blue Bell, PA) 9/15
License revocation; 5-yr future supervision - Lundy did not report her criminal charges.

Lynch, Benjamin Adriel (Cranberry, PA) 5/10
5-yr license supervision for acting as a surplus lines producer who sold, or was involved in the sale of, over surplus lines policies to PA policyholders. 

Lynch, John J. (Havertown, PA) 3/08
$5,000 penalty; 5-yr license supervision - Failure to indicate annuity and life replacement and give notice of annuity replacement, misquoted an annuity rate.