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​Managed Care Forms & Instructions

​Annual Report
​2022 Annual Report Instructions
2022 Annual Report Form
2022 Reporting Updates
2022 Reporting Update Recording

2021 Annual Report Instructions
2021 Annual Report Form

Notes: Annual reports are due April 30.
​Provider Directory Addendum
Provider Directory Form
​Certified Review Entity (CRE) Application
Certified Review Entity (CRE) Application
​ERO Assignment
ERO Assignment Letter Template

Notes: External Grievance Process for MA MCOs - 28 Pa. Code § 9.707,” MA MCOs are responsible for notifying members that the member’s external grievance has been assigned to an External Review Organization, as well as providing notice of the documents provided and the member’s rights with respect to the external review process. A word version of the template letter (included as Appendix A in the technical advisory), which is designed to meet the Department’s expectations for member notification, is provided here for use by MCOs.  MCOs may use corporate letterhead as needed should include the relevant information indicated in the sections identified in bolded brackets.
Quarterly Report
​2022 Quarterly Report Instructions
2022 Quarterly Report Form
2022 Reporting Updates
2022 Reporting Update Recording

Notes: Quarterly reports are due May 15 (Quarter 1), August 15 (Quarter 2), November 15 (Quarter 3), and February 15 (Quarter 4).
​Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
​PPO Instructions
PPO Application

Notes:  PPOs generally include entities who have entered into arrangements with health care providers either to establish a provider network or to provide health care services for the PPO's enrollees. PPO health insurance policies provide incentives, such as a higher level of coverage, to enrollees when those enrollees use network providers.

If you are applying for a Gatekeeper PPO (GPPO) or submitting a GPPO product filing, you must address the requirements of the Pennsylvania Quality Health Care Accountability and Protection Act (Act 68 of 1998) and related regulations in your application and policy forms.
​Provider Initiated Grievance Enrollee Consent
Provider Initiated Grievance Enrollee Consent Requirements
Provider Initiated Grievance Enrollee Consent Form (Sample)

Notes: This form was developed to assist in resolving disputes regarding what constitutes valid enrollee written consent for a health care provider to initiate a grievance with a managed care plan on behalf of the enrollee.  Use of this form is strictly optional however if a provider and enrollee follow its format, the enrollee consent will be deemed by the Department to be compliant with 28 Pa. Code 9706 and valid.