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​Who pays for COVID-19 diagnostic testing/treatment if needed? 


Lab TestingMedicare covers the lab tests for COVID-19 with no out-of-pocket costs and the deductible does not apply when the test is ordered by your doctor or other health care provider. 

Treatment Coverage includes: Medicare also covers all medically necessary hospitalizations. This includes if you're diagnosed with COVID-19 and might otherwise have been discharged from the hospital after an inpatient stay, but you need to stay in the hospital under quarantine.

While there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, if one becomes available, it will be covered by all Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D).

Telehealth Coverage:

Types of Virtual Services: There are three main types of virtual services physicians and other professionals can provide to Medicare beneficiaries:  Medicare telehealth visits, virtual check-ins and e-visits.

Currently, Medicare patients may use telecommunication technology for office, hospital visits and other services that generally occur in-person. For additional information view the Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet.

Services paid the same as if they were rendered face-to-face for both behavioral and physical health

Medicare Advantage

Lab Test and Treatment Coverage: If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have access to the same benefits as Medicare. Medicare allows these plans to waive cost-sharing for COVID-19 lab tests with no prior authorization or utilization management requirements.