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PID E-mail Addresses


E-mail addresses, listed in alphabetical order:

Administrative Hearings Office



Agency Open Records Officer (AORO)



Anti-Fraud Initiatives




Auto CAT Fund



Companies (general questions)

Company Licensing (Not Producer Licensing)


Financial Analysis


Financial Examinations

Compliance Issues (Insurance Producer Licensees, not Mcare - see below)




Consumer Services

Ask a Question or Submit a Complaint Online



Enforcement Actions



Federal Health Care Reform Questions



Financial Analysis



Insurance Commissioner



Liquidated / Rehabilitated Companies



Market Surveillance



Mcare Fund Abatement Repayment Account  



Mcare Fund Non-Compliance Issues


Mcare Fund Policy Questions


Mcare Fund Remittance Information



Mcare Fund Underwriting Questions


PA Health Options




Press Office  



Producer Services



Property & Casualty Policy


Public Room  



Rates and Forms



Right to Know Officer  



Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF)



Workers’ Compensation Security Fund (WCSF)