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Date of Liquidation: September 3, 2019


Type of Business Sold: Mostly Long-Term Care Insurance and Home Health Care Insurance along with a limited number of other health insurance products.


States Where Licensed: AL, AZ, CO, LA, NM, OH, PA, VA


Liquidation Documents:


Compliance Report (NEW)

Certificate Of Service To Compliance Report (NEW)

Entry Of Appearance (NEW)

Certificate Of Service To Entry Of Appearance (NEW)

Proof Of Claim Form

Proof Of Claim Form Instructions

Memorandum And Liquidation Order

Order Re: Proof Of Claim Deadline

Order Re: Stay Of Litigation

Policyholder Notice

Policyholder Q&A

Non-Policyholder Notice

Non-Policyholder Q&A


Policyholders with questions about policies and or claims should call Client Services at 1-800-659-9206.  Claim submissions should continue to be sent to:

Senior American Insurance Company, 580 Virginia Drive, Suite 330, Ft. Washington, PA  19034 or by fax at 1 (267) 503-5052.

Liquidation related questions should be directed to the Statutory Liquidator for Senior American by calling (717) 787-7823 or by email at