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​Discharged Estates

Liquidation Date
PA License
Discharge Date
American Independent Business Association 2/15/1990 Accident and Health No         8/28/2000
American Integrity Insurance Company 6/25/1993 Property and Casualty Yes         8/8/2011
Colonial Assurance Company 3/28/1984 Property and Casualty Yes 6/3/2005
Commonwealth Insurance Company ​3/20/2014 ​Surety ​Yes ​3/8/2017
Corporate Life Insurance Company 2/15/1994 Life Yes 1/04/2007
EBL Life Insurance Company 4/7/1994 Life Yes 8/15/2005
Excalibur Reinsurance Corporation
7/18/2016​Property & Casualty
First Sealord Surety Company 2/8/2012​ Surety​ ​Yes ​4/19/18
Hamilton Insurance Company (HIC) 8/03/2000 Property and Casualty Yes 5/15/2008
HIP of PA INC 5/01/1999 HMO Yes 9/14/2001
HRM Health Plans (PA) 10/01/2001 HMO Yes 8/04/2006
​Legion Insurance Company
Worker's compensation, professional and general liability, accident and health and other miscellaneous coverages​​Yes
Life Assurance Company Of Pennsylvania (LACOP)​ ​01/10/1991 ​Life, Annuity, Credit Life
And Disability
​Yes ​04/28/2003
Life and Health Insurance Company of America 7/02/2004 Life and Health Yes 11/27/2007
Lincoln General Insurance Company
Property &  Casualty
National American Life Insurance Company of America
5/31/1996 Life Yes 10/13/2004
Pennsylvania Casualty Company
*Rehabilitation Date
Property and Casualty Yes 3/29/2010
PHICO Insurance Company 02/01/2002
Medical Malpractice,
Workers Compensation, General Liability
Yes 4/16/2014
PIC Insurance Group, Inc. 1/21/1998 Property and Casualty Yes 7/28/2011
Premier Auto Insurance Company 8/31/2000 Property and Casualty Yes 10/10/2006
Quaker City Insurance Company
10/01/1997 Property and Casualty Yes 2/02/2007
​Regis Insurance Company
Property and Casualty​​Yes
Reliance Insurance Company
​Rockwood Insurance Company
9/26/1991​Property and Casualty​​Yes
Senior American Insurance Company
​​Mostly Long Term Care And Home Health Care
Summit National Life Insurance Company
11/01/1994 Life Yes 3/03/2006
Villanova Insurance Company​
7/28/2003​​Worker's compensation, professional and general liability, accident and health and other miscellaneous coverages
Westmoreland Casualty Company
9/27/1988​​Property and Casualty
White Hall Mutual Insurance Company 4/10/2003 Property and Casualty Yes 5/05/2011
World Life & Health Insurance Company 7/29/1992 Life Yes 4/10/2006
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